Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 45 - It's oh so still - it's oh so quiet...!

My sister has called my bluff.  Just when I thought I could enjoy a guilt-free morning in a child-free house she's sent me four kettlebell weights and the Kettlercise DVD.  My belated birthday present.  Of course they had to arrive on the first day of school!  I can talk a good game which I obviously did when I stayed with her - but when it comes to committing to regular exercise I'm not the best.  

I've never had the faintest desire to go to a gym - and the fact we're miles away from the nearest one has always been a convenient excuse.  Then I noticed my wobbly tum had a momentum of it's own and decided to try running.....

This might sound extreme, but I can run from home - no travel or changing rooms involved.  The only problem is there's no such thing as 'flat' where I live - just steep hills in every direction!  

When I say run what I REALLY mean is a very slow jog or fast walk.  I've found if I go slowly I can plod along for a while and it's not as much as a chore as I thought it would be.  Trying to run with other people put me off for years, especially my considerate but army-trained husband.  It was like running with an energetic dog straining on the lead - I always felt I was holding him back......!

I haven't been running for ages and christmas combined with comfort eating has meant my jeans are now digging into my sides.  I recently invented the triple decker quality street - three favourites squeezed together - after receiving far too many tins of sweets!  Things are p-r-e-t-t-y bad. 

So I am grateful to my sister for taking the first step and I'm definitely going to give weight training my best shot.....just not today.


  1. I promise it will be worth it...xxxx B

  2. does this mean it's time for me to get on the big red circle?

  3. DEFINITELY time for the big red circle! Get those knee pads out, I'm thinking monday to start??

  4. Thanks B, I'm going to make you proud!