Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 42 - 2012 - one step closer....

Happy 2012! - now I can say he's back this year!......even if it isn't until December.  Still, his first leave is in 13 weeks - doesn't sound too bad, we've done 6 already.

Welcomed in the New Year with some great friends who have four gorgeous, feisty girls.  The boys tend to get a lot of attention when we visit - not always the kind they want, but one day I'm sure they'll love it!  

We managed to stay up until twelve with the help of some red bull and a nostalgic, musical dander through the 80's - I'd forgotten how much I love Simple Minds!!  Brings back such strong memories, and New Year's eve is a good time for a little happy reflection - especially this one.   

Shared a bed with the youngest who slept in a perpendicular position - and was woken up by a game of hide and seek - in my room!  Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I'm looking forward to them going back to school......

Got home and rang round family to say Happy New year.  I told my step mother about the oldest having nits - she had INSISTED on making him hug and kiss her goodbye, even though he wasn't at all keen.  That will teach her.

Too tired to make any NY resolutions today.....  

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  1. That's exactly what I said this New Year! Not quite as long as you to wait, but still a flipping long time!