Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 40 - Frazzled!!

Another day I'd rather forget about - it looks like a small explosion has gone off in nearly every room and I spent the morning ringing my family because the eldest has got nits - AGAIN!  I saw him scratching in the car yesterday and my heart sank....It was bad enough waking up frazzled from the drive and facing a mountain of washing and clearing up, without having to nit check everyone.  

You're always a little out of step when you get home after being away - I was a hop, skip and a jump behind that and very, very grumpy.  To add to my misery, one of the boys had just been given two nerf guns plus a lot of ammunition......They certainly made up for being cooped up in the car for a day.  It was mad and I shouted.  A lot.

Managed to get everyone out of the house to go and pick up the cat from the cattery - or should I say the luxurious heated chalet with a view of the garden - she is without a doubt the most expensive member of the family.  I also had to go to the supermarket with the kids which is bad enough when I'm in a good mood.

When we got home T rang - and I told him about my day.....  Probably not the best timed phone call from his point of view.  Sometimes you have to let it out - and as usual he handled it really well!

Today I've had four pieces of toast, a packet of haribo giant strawbs, a flake, a bar of diary milk, 15 cocktail sausages, a packet of doritos and three glasses of red wine - I think that says it all.


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