Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Day 37 - car boot chaos!

I have lost control of the inside of my car - we're on our fourth move - and I'm now just throwing things into the boot with gay abandon... The kids have been asking for their stocking presents and I know I'd have to take everything out to find them.

I was close to giving up completely when I got out of the car at mum's and found scratches down the side plus a few artistic squirls on the boot.  It turns out my middle darling had done a little 'drawing' with a sharpish metal object.  The only mitigating fact was the car's so dirty I don't think he realised he'd scored the paintwork!  Still I told him if he ever did it again he would have to find a new family....

The kids have taken all the moving about in their stride.  They are very adaptable and don't tend to kick up much of a fuss - a part from last night when the four year old yelled until I took two clown puppets out of her room because she said they 'freaked her out' - now where did that come from?!?  

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