Monday, 26 December 2011

Day 35 - Christmas time - missing him and wine....

I have been thinking about him a lot over the last few days because I know how much he's missing the run up to christmas and seeing the kids getting completely over-excited about everything. We miss him too.  I can't picture where he is, but he knows exactly where we are and what's going on - it must be so hard. Christmas day was business as usual for him, but we did manage a good chat and I've e-mailed some photos.

We've moved on to my dad's now and my in-laws joined us for Christmas lunch.  It was like a slightly out of control, chocolate-fuelled Nursery session - both my sisters were there with their little ones.  Great fun and noisy as it should be, but possibly a bit too much for my in-laws who ran out of steam and left shortly after the meal without saying goodbye to me!

I've been feeling a little guilty about having a go at my stepmother as she was on really good form despite being surrounded by our family!  She laid on a fantastic christmas spread and didn't pick on anyone....  Then she told me how charming and considerate she thought the eldest was (great) - followed by "he's just like his father" (hmmmm...)  I pointed out the children spend MUCH more time with me - which was greeted with a deafening silence......good try, but I'm never going to squeeze a compliment out of her......

I stayed up way too late putting together a very complicated lego car.  I enjoyed making it a lot more than I'm letting on - but if anyone breaks it they die.

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