Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 30 - DVD player saves the day!

My plan was to go to bed at about 9.30 and get a good nights sleep before the drive.  So of course I watched the last part of 'The Killing' then a documentary about the short life of an american comedian I'd never heard of, before crawling upstairs at midnight....I have NO will power.

I felt surprisingly awake in the morning and managed to get everyone into the car and away by 8 - what a result!  It was icy and bright but mercifully no wind.  Definitely didn't want a repeat of one of our last boat trips when it was so rough we were all sick - a part from the eldest who ate a huge portion of chicken and chips, completely oblivious to the green-tinged looks of disbelief around him....

The Journey was pretty smooth, thanks mainly to the DVD player.  When the nagging became unbearable we stopped for a healthy lunch at Burger King - by this stage we were near Preston.  After that the traffic thinned out and the rain set in.  We reached Cairnryan just as the earlier boat was pulling out of port - shame really - if we'd spent less time in BK I could have avoided three hours of the kids running around the terminal like loons asking for fizzy drinks.

Eventually reached my sister's at eleven and was woken up early by the phone ringing.  It was T who hadn't slept a wink worrying about us.  He's calling from one of the most dangerous countries in the world and he's worried?....sweet but ironic......

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