Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 27 - Dawn chorus!

Why oh why do kids get up so early during the holidays??  For the last two weeks I have had to dig them out of their beds - this morning, obviously to mark the first day off school, the TV was blaring from goodness knows what time and the youngest came in just after six asking me to find her a pair of pants!  It was not a good start to the day.

I am relieved the holidays are here - it's so good to have a break from the relentless school timetable plus all the extra clubs and lessons.  Still, have to admit my heart momentarily sank as I went to fetch them from the bus and realised they were now with me 24/7 until the 4th January.....deep breathe......

The car is packed and I've just a little more to do before tomorrow's journey - not looking forward to the long drive at all - just need to make sure there are plenty of DVDs and lots of food.  I thought about trying to get the kids to help carry things out to the car but figured it would probably be more stressful than doing it myself! 

A kind neighbour helped me get the trampoline out of the tree and dismantle it, which was not an easy job.  It's all safely packed away in the shed.  T's welcome home list is starting to look quite healthy.....

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