Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day 21 - under the weather

As a rule you're not allowed to be ill when you're on your own.  I'm pretty good at convincing myself that it's nothing serious and just keep plodding on.  I like to think it's the power of positive thought...... it's more likely to be desperation, because there aren't any other options!

I have felt horrid for almost a week - my head feels like a block of concrete and my nose is running like a leaky old tap.  The powers of positivity and despair don't seem to be doing the trick.  I knew things were bad when my 4 year old asked why I was wearing the same clothes every day... my Sara Lund fairisle jumper, it's like a dear old friend - and I really couldn't be bothered to look for anything else.  Lethargy has set in, which is not a good thing when you have a weekend on your own with the kids.  The best bit from their point of view is I can't shout because it hurts my head.

Things just aren't getting done.  The trampoline is tangled half way up a tree after the gale force winds last week - and at this rate it will still be there when T comes home at Easter.

I am determined to stop feeling sorry for myself because next week I'm driving to Ireland to see my family and I have a ton of things to do before then!  So spurred on by a cup of tea and an eccles cake, I delved into the spare room cupboard and began working my way through the mound of presents.  It was like Christmas!!  I found all sorts of things I don't remember buying!  AND Hallalujah! - I opened a bag and found Mary, Joseph. baby J and the donkey - it's got to be a sign...

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