Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 10 - Angry Bird!!

For the last two days I have got cross with everyone and everything including the cat.  It started after school yesterday when my tolerance level plummeted and my voice level started rising.   It's so hard to rein in the shouting when it starts - and it's such a waste of time because it achieves nothing!!  I know all this so WHY am I doing it?  With me it's often triggered by the frustration of having to tell my two sons the same things day in day out - or it might have been my daughter taking off her clothes during her brother's piano lesson - now that was a surprise for everyone....

Today hasn't been much better, as two of them were off school because of the teachers' strike.  Of course it was the middle child who had to go in - he thought it was some sort of cruel trick.  

I had forgotten how hard it is to do anything when they're at home - and I wasn't aiming high, just clearing up, washing and renewing my RAC membership.  At weekends I have a different mindset because I just don't expect to get anything done.  After they'd gone to bed the guilt set in - isn't it always the way?! - there's no escape from it!  Two glasses of wine and a large bar of birthday chocolate later and I'm half-way to convincing myself that tomorrow will be a masterclass in perfect parenting.. 

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