Friday, 7 October 2011

Part-time Single Parent

Being a part-time single parent is never going to be as hard as being a full-time one, but it does present some rather unique challenges.... 

As weird as it may seem, the toughest part can often be when your other half comes home.  You've got into the swing of things on your own and it's all running pretty smoothly - then he comes back and quite frankly your routine goes out the window!!

Weekly commuting is really tough, because by sunday you've just about got used to being in the same space and he's off again!!  When we did it I always looked forward to friday and tried so hard not to get frustrated, but just couldn't help myself - it's like some kind of Tourette's - this list I'd been compiling in my head all week just came out.  Then I would feel guilty and annoyed because I'd done it AGAIN! 

Thankfully T has pretty much learnt to take the 'welcome home' tirade in his stride - anyway by this stage the kids are bouncing off the walls, trying to get his attention.  Bedtime for them is always much later and there seems to be a lot more mess....Don't get me wrong he's a hands on dad, apart from his pathological fear of cooking and supermarkets.

Let's face it, this kind of set up doesn't work if they're unwilling to get stuck in straight away - I can't imagine what I'd do it T came back and said he needed a little 'me time'.... !?!

Over the next 48 hours we would usually try to do about 101 things.....and manage about three....

At the moment T is at home and has been for quite a while which is strange in itself - the complete opposite of what we're used to!  When he's here for a stretch it's obvious he's away a lot because he doesn't know where anything goes.   Finding pot and pans piled up on a work surface is not a good thing!! 

The first day the children went back to school was a complete disaster, lots of screaming and yelling and cereal everywhere.  I'm surprised they even got there.  HOW can it be harder than when I do it on my own?!

I think I take my foot off the pedal when he's home - help at last!!  while I think there's a voice in his head just saying 'Help!'  It takes a while....

Thankfully by friday we had sort of cracked it - the big difference is we are now working as a team.


The frustrating thing is just as we've got things running quite smoothly, I'm becoming more aware of the clock ticking - October has come around so quickly and our year apart starts next month.  It's a hard one, because as great as it is getting comfortable again - isn't that just going to make it harder when he goes away??.....

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